The secret to getting the best price seems counter intuitive at first, but when you think about customer loyalty and satisfaction it makes perfect sense. After all, there are a lot of choices when it comes to cruise selection and return customers are critical.

Book Early

So, what is the best way to insure you get the best price? Book as early as you can!

Most people think, “Wait until the last minute and get they will want to fill the ship and the prices will come down.” Maybe. Then again, maybe not.

What if you book a cruise a year ahead of time, say July of next year? You know you want to go, schedule your time off well in advance and pay $1000 per person for the cruise. Then in March of the following year, four months before you sail, the price drops by $100 on the same exact cruise for the same cabin. Bummer, right?

No, your travel agent can ‘reprice’ the cruise for you and get a refund for the difference, minus a small rebooking fee. If you received an upgrade in your cabin you would forfeit any upgrade, but you would get the price improvement for the cabin you originally booked and would still be eligible for upgrades should they be available.

The result? If the price went up from the time you originally booked the cruise, you were a smart shopper and got the best deal. If the price goes down, your travel agent reprices the cruise and are still a smart shopper. So, no matter which way the price moves, you are a winner. Don’t you wish the stock market was that easy to predict?


Another benefit of booking early, one that is rarely used, because people are unaware of it, is the option to pay a little each month toward the final bill so that when the final payment is due (usually 60 days prior to sailing), you aren’t slammed with a big bill. Many people would rather make small sacrifices along the way than to have an abnormally big bill come due at final payment. This is a great option if someone does not have a large amount of expendable income.