The Mediterranean has some of the most stunning beauty and legendary ports in the world; Venice, Barcelona, Atens, Rhodes, Mykonos, Naples, Alexandria and many others. No wonder is one of the top destinations for cruise vacations in the world.

All of the major cruise lines have a presence there. Most cruise lines limit their itineraries from April to September, but a few lines maintain a year around presence. That means that you can cruise the Mediterranean at Christmas if you wish.


The majority of the itineraries range between seven and forteen days with possibly the most popular being twelve days. Many people think the twelve day itineraries are just right in length; not too short and not too long. You can visit numerous countries and see incredible ports in a short perior of time and unpack only once and not have to worry about meals or lodging. A cruise ship rocks you to sleep every night.

If you are really up for the adventure there are cruisesthat originate in the Mediterranean and exit via the Suez Canal and visit India and other parts of Asia. These world cruise segments are very affordable and offer great value for extended vacations and world travelers.

Another great option for cruises in the Mediterranean are to add land tours to them so that you can spend a little time exploring some of the beautiful and historic destinations like Petra and the Dead Sea on a Holy Land cruise or spend 2 days exploring Florence, Rome and Venice. Some cruise lines, like Princess, will spend an extra night in a port, Venice for instance, to give cruisers an opportunity to see and do more.

If you have dreamed of a vacation to Europe, and especially the Mediterranean you owe it to yourself to add a cruise to the top of your list of options on how to accomplish that. Call us today for help in finding the perfect vacation for you and your family.

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