Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism

Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. In its purest sense, ecotourism incorporates the love of travel with the environmentalist tenants of uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel.

It is designed to minimize human impact on the environment, build environmental and cultural awareness and respect, provide positive experiences for both visitors and locals, and provide direct financial benefits for conservation and financial benefits and empowerment for the local economies.

Costa Rica Beach

There are some destinations around the world that are the perfect fit for this kind of tourism. Some of the top destinations include:

• Palau, in western Micronesia, with its crystal clear seas, miles of unspoiled beaches, dense jungles and cultural traditions makes it one of the top five locations in the world for eco-tourism.
• Costa Rica is what many people equate with this type of travel and rightfully so. Tropical forests, beautiful unspoiled beaches, rapid rivers and dazzling displays of wildlife are key attributes to their rapid ascension to the top of the list of eco-tourist destinations. Eco-conscious hotels, villas and resorts are commonplace.
• Norway with its’ fjords, waterfalls, snowcapped peaks and clear air and water exceeds the expectations of visitors looking for an outdoors adventure. Norway is a leader regarding environmental policy.
• Kerala, on the southernmost coast of India, which is developing the first planned eco-tourism destination in the world. It combines the beauties of nature, adventure activities and educational experiences
• Kenya, which is best known for the Serengeti Plain, is also home to mountains, lakes, rain forests, deserts and beaches. They have a variety of educational projects and community outreaches associated that is overseen by Ecotourism Kenya which has certifications for establishments that promote environmentally friendly business practices.


There are many other locations and activities to meet every fitness level and pocketbook. If you desire to make your next vacation an eco-friendly experience, allow us to help you find the perfect one by submitting your request below, or dialing 512-585-7108 for personal assistance in planning your trip.

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