First time cruisers almost always become second time cruisers. Statistics show that ninety-five percent (95%) of those who chose the all-inclusive adventure found on a cruise once choose to do it again.

Why? Because there is so much to do, so much to see and so much to experience, that they can’t get it all in on one trip. And even if they could, there are so many other grand adventures to other exotic and exciting locations that they have to indulge themselves again.

For instance, you can cruise to every continent on earth. Yes, even Antarctica! There are mountains and glaciers, beaches and crystal blue waters, historical sites, vineyards and vintners, volcanoes and tropical forests; you name it and you can probably do it on a cruise.

There are smaller cruise ships that allow you to explore the rivers of Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. There are even cruise ships on some of the rivers of the United States. They can get into some of the shallow ports in the South Pacific and other spots larger ships cannot get into.

These smaller ships are more intimate, with smaller numbers of passengers and a larger per passenger ratio of employees to tend to the passengers every desire and are designed more for the experienced cruiser who relishes the voyage and respite it offers.

Most people are more familiar with the mega ships of today. They carry any where from 2000 to almost 4000 passengers at a time and are huge floating resorts.

One big misnomer I have heard more than once is, “I will be bored.” Really? With water parks, zip lines, jumbo tron movie screens by the pool, a wave pool to surf on, climbing rock face, Broadway type shows, comedy shows, casinos, hot tubs, kids programs that kids actually enjoy, specialty dining, free room service and, well, you get the idea. If someone gets bored on a cruise ship, it is because they want to get bored.

I hope that you can sense the joy and excitement that a cruise can offer. It really is an incredible experience and there are cruises that fit all budgets and tastes. There is one that is just right for you, so take on the challenge of going on your first cruise. You will be SO glad you did.