Smartship Changes the Cruising Experience



Smartship Changes the Cruising Experience

Quantum of the Seas ExperiencesThere is a ship that will set sail later this year that is changing the cruise experience for the better in many ways. One that will excite those who want to share their experiences real time will be able to do so on the Quantum of the SeasSM, because it will provide blazing fast connectivity at sea to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

It is a ship that will allow its guests to download streaming music and videos from the cloud, Netflix, Hulu, etc. at speeds equal to those on land. A ship that lets you play Xbox Live with other gamers anywhere around the world. A ship that provides connectivity that’s wearable, portable and shareable. A ship where technology is found at every turn to make the guest experience richer, fuller and more personalized than ever before. No manual required. This isn’t just a ship, it is a smartship. This is Quantum of the SeasSM. This changes everything – for the better!

The Quantum of the SeasSM sets sail from Port Liberty, New Jersey in November and you could be one of the first ones to experience the future of cruising before others have a chance to do so. The experience will be next to none. We will be sailing on her the first voyage out of Port Liberty and will keep you posted regarding the treats you are in for. Watch for our tweets and Facebook posts directly from the ship while at sea.


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