Finding Transfers in Cancun – Lomas Travel



Finding Transfers in Cancun – Lomas Travel

When you travel to the Riviera Maya you will land at the Cancun Airport in most cases. Lomas Travel is the company that most vendors use to provide their clients with hassle free transportation for their dream vacation. This little video will show you how easy it is to find them for your private non-stop transfers, dressed in their white pants, aqua shirt and white tie.

You may have to walk a little further to the Lomas station if you have shared transfers, but they are just as easy to find dressed in their Lomas ensemble of white pants and tie on an aqua shirt. If you can’t spot them quickly just ask anyone ‘where is Lomas’ or ‘donde esta Lomas’. They will be able to direct you to their desk very easily.

Shortly after boarding your Lomas shuttle, bus or limo you will be dipping your toes in the beautiful Caribbean.


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