On almost everyone’s list of things they ‘must do’ is take a trip to Alaska. The top three reasons? People want to see the glaciers, mountains and wildlife that abound there.

It is a spectacular adventure and I can emphatically say that Alaska, “America’s Last Frontier”, is everything that people dream of and more. Pictures and video cannot do it justice, but we try.

The most popular means of exploring Alaska in summer is on a cruise, because of the easy access from Seattle or Vancouver. Most of the cruises are seven day round trip cruises that visit a few of the stops along the Inside Passage; Ketchikan (Alaska’s oldest town), Juneau (the only capital city that cannot be driven to – no roads in or out), Skagway, Haynes, Sitka, Icy Straight Point, Glacier Bay National Park and Victoria. There are usually 3 or 4 stops on these cruises and all of the ports have different things to do and see. If the bug strikes, you will want to consult with an expert to find the specific cruise itinerary that will give you the trip you are hoping for.

Each port offers unique Alaskan experiences. In Juneau you might choose to get a close up view of the quickly diminishing Mendenhall Glacier, ride the tram to the top of the ridge overlooking the area for a birds-eye-view or whale watch. Ketchikan is well known for the totems that flourish there, or the sea-plane trips into Misty Fjords. Glacier Bay, in my estimation, is a must, because Margerie Glacier (right) is a marvel, with loud cracking preceding the crashes that accompany the “calvings” that are sure to follow.

Anther popular option is to sail from Vancouver to Whittier or Seward Alaska, south of Anchorage. These north or south bound trips are most often part of a land-cruise tour combination that affords guests the chance to visit Denali National Park and other natural delights. On longer trips, or private extensions, the Kenai Peninsula (Alaska’s Playground) or the St Elias National Park might beckon you. We have visited the Kenai and it is a remarkable place. You will run out of time before you run out or wonderful things to see and do.

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